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Fixed Deposit


Kolenchery Area Pravasi Co Operative Society (KAPS) offers fixed deposit with various tenures which the members can choose as per their requirement. Attractive fd interest rates are offered based on the tenure of your fixed deposit . Have a look at the FD rates for different tenures.

Kolenchery Area Pravasi Co Operative Society Ltd (KAPS). Brings you different investments schemes through which you can reap competitive interests and make your investments grow in a short period of time our Fixed Deposit scheme allows you to invest your valuable savings at comparative FD interest rates. Pravasi society allows you to invest in FD for tenure minimum of 15 days and above with varying interest rates.

On your FDs , you get highly beneficial FD rates ranging from 6 % to 8.25 % .so invest in Kolenchery Area Pravasi Co Operative Society’s Fixed Deposit schemes today and get competitive returns on your investments. Deposits have government guarantee.